We are specialists in commercialization and globalization of Australian Innovation and technology.

ProGalore is always on the look out for scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators with new and unique technologies

  • that are yet to be fully commercialized;
  • that will make commercial and economic relevance in developing markets of India, China, Africa and South America;
  • that are especially in the green and clean tech sector.

We work with individual innovators and companies to help them develop, commercialise and launch overseas.

  • We identify innovative technologies that are suitable for small to medium scale business investments.
  • Ensure that these technologies or products are able to provide immediate benefits to its final users in the developing world. In other words, we try to understand the intended technology in a commercial sense.
  • Ensure that the invention or innovation has IP rights that are confirmed or are in the process of getting confirmed.
  • Look at the commercial possibility of the project.
  • Build agreements to work together.
  • Begin investment towards commercialisation of the project, while the innovator retains interest in the business and further development.
  • Devise clear understanding as we gradually take the projects overseas

We are interested in any area, industry or product as long as the inventions, innovations and technologies are commercially feasible. We have a special interest in green and clean tech.

How can we help you?

We have in our pool, successful scientists and technologists who have accomplished what most innovators aim to accomplish. You are able to draw from this enormous wealth of experience and wisdom, without compromising in any way the confidentiality and privacy of your chosen path of research.

Please contact us now for any queries and interest.

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